Evo: Worcester, MA

28 07 2010

Worcester, MA

     I’m trying to figure out when I became the type of person who orders wine with their meal. I mean, I originally wanted to buy a bottle and just have a wine-drunk dinner, which is a lot more acceptable than simply sipping an over-priced glass for the sheer aesthetics of it. But after skimming the per-bottle prices, which were decent let me say, I remembered that I’m not Trumpin’ It and money is an issue, so I settled back into being a one-drink-dink and what looked to me like a sample tasting, of an organic Chardonnay.

     Maybe I need to backtrack a bit. It’s Sunday evening and surprise surprise, I’m getting off another bus and smelling the sweet air of Worcester once again. Ryan and I had been asking around for a good vegetarian place in the area and someone told us about Evo, which struck a chord because apparently, they offered options for carnivores and omnivores alike. Huzzah! This was back about two months ago. The first time we attempted to go, it was closed for renovations. Secondtime, closed on a Monday because I guess that’s just how they do. Third time, well, I was friggin’ eating at Evo if it meant eating a gas-station sandwich in the parking lot. But hey, they were open this time. Really swank-lookin’ place. Sexy lighting, deep dark colors. I could dig it, mannn. So I got the wine and Ry got a Brown Dog Ale, choosing from a pretty nice selection of craft beers. So then back I go, picking up the menu and settling into my money-ain’t-no-thang attitude, and hey, it’s like All-Natural, if you’re gonna spend, spend it in the right places..right? Burp. Yeah, that’s another thing about Evo. Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly; Check. Slight new age crystal-swinging, hippies buying SUVs type vibe going on; Check. Heady organic wines, man. Fine dining for the Whole Foods crowd, I.e. the folks with cash who think making a difference means making sure all their plastic water bottles get to the recycling bin. Yeah, whatever lets you sleep at night. But hey, I do appreciate organic & vegan food offerings in the blobbity blob of Worcester. I do.

     Anyways, food! The only thing I really need to talk about is the appetizer we chose. The Bruschetta. This was the star of the night. Big doughy chunks of toasted foccaia bread, drizzled with a balsamic reduction, with a steaming pile of tomato bliss in the center. I’d never had bruschetta warm before. Actually, my only real experience with it was a slight dollop on a little crunch of French bread, so this was pretty eye-opening as to the sensory expansiveness of the stuff. I fucking loved it. We fucking loved it.

     The rest of the meal, well I can’t speak for Ryan, who seemed to be enjoying the Phat Albert; a ½ pound cheddar-stuffed burger topped with bacon, mushrooms, and all that stuff. Typical. But my tuna sandwich wasn’t much to write home about. Maybe that’s what I get for being in one of my Fish is Alright every once in a while-mood/Lets get a fucking sandwich for a dinner-mood. Probably should have chose the Buffalo Tofu Quesadilla which was blowing my taste buds just from the menu. But the Tuna, I just had higher expectations. A nice white albacore salad, topped with a thick slice of Cheddar, sliced tomatoes, and avocado, on 7-Grain bread, sounds decadent. But really, the tuna was a bit flavorless. I found myself salt & peppering every couple of bites. I think maybe some sort of sauce/dressing really could have made it pop, but hey, who am I to say? Was really longing for another glass of wine at this point…

Finished the night off with a slice of carrot cake where I think I enjoyed the whipped cream around the side of it than the actual cake. But it was still good.

Would I go back? Yeah, I would, when I have a couple extra bucks. I just need to try that quesadilla. But let me just say, no amount of choosing tofu over chicken will help this world and its people. Voting with your dollar and your grocery list is helpful, but you also must be active, dissident, and engaged in fighting off oppression in all of its forms in everything you do. Always ask “at the expense of whom/what” is your privilege coming from.

Check out some of my new travel photos from Boylston, MA on my Flickr!




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