Lunar Lager, AKA: The Funnel Fail

1 09 2010

This is the type of beer that you drink when you want to impress a first date by showing them, hey, you’re out with a cool girl who brews her own beer. This is also the type of beer you want to proceed to drink about 8 of then perpetually ignore your date, then make fun of him to your friends later on because really, this kids masturbates to religious iconography and listens to Lifehouse. I should have stopped answering texts early on. It’s the beer that reminds me that I’m bad at being single, that I don’t want to be single. My fuck everything beer.
Something happened. I don’t know what. I either didn’t add enough malt extract (only 3.3 lbs, when I probably could have spent the extra 10 bucks and went for 4-5), or I accidentally added too much water. It’s so watery, but with hints of Willamette hops creepin’ around the backdoor. But hey, I got 44 of them. We’ll have a good time.



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