Ginger-Lemongrass Lager

12 10 2010

Ginger. I love you. I really adore you. Ginger tea, ginger ales. You’re so good to me. Good for me. But what I’m beginning to realize is that I don’t like ginger in beer. It’s not that its too strong. Bring on the strength. It just imparts a…slightly off flavor to me. It doesn’t seem like beer anymore. But listen, if you enjoy ginger in all it’s forms, try this out. Does anyone have any opinions on ginger brews? I’m interested to see what people think. My friends gave it a thumbs up. It goes well with Asian-styled dishes, hence why we drank a shitload of it and ordered Chinese.

It gives off a nice lemongrass aroma. You can definitely get subtle and sweet hints of honey, as well as a hoppy backbone. It’s a little big undercarbonated, but that’s probably fault of my own. I guess I’ll end this post with the same upbeat note as my last homebrew post: But hey, we got about 40 of them, so we’ll have a good time.

Ginger-Lemongrass Lager

3.5 lbs plain extra light DME
2.5 lbs clover honey
1.5 oz Cascade hops (boiling)
.5 oz Cascade hops (finishing)
3 oz fresh ginger
2 oz fresh lemongrass
White Labs San Francisco Lager Yeast
3/4 cup honey for priming (boiled for 5 minutes with 16 oz water)

Add DME, honey and boiling hops to 1.5 gallons water and boil for 60 minutes. Chop lemongrass and ginger and puree with some water in a blender. Add lemongrass/ginger mixture in final 10 minutes of boil and finishing hops in final 2 to 4 minutes of boil. Strain, sparge and transfer immediately to 2 gallons of cold water in the fermenter. Add additional water to make 5 gallons. Cool and add yeast. Ferment at 65-68 degrees. Rack after 7-10 days. 2 weeks in secondary fermenter. Prime with honey and bottle condition 3-4 weeks.

O.G. 1.052
F.G. 1.004




One response

8 11 2010

I am so excited to try out some of these recipes!!! They look delicious. Thank you for the inspiration, and the great ideas 🙂

❤ Rachel

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