A Vegetarian on Cape Cod… Part 1!

17 10 2010

There’s no good places for a vegetarian or vegan to eat on Cape Cod!! I scream this daily. So I’m gonna hunt down the few and far in between. First stop, The Corner Store in Chatham.

My mom and I did our usual Sunday schtick of going out to lunch on our day off. It was a sexy friggin’ day, the perfect fall day. Light on the winds, high on the sun, so we decided to make the drive down to Chatham so I could check out the burritos that I’ve heard a lot of talk-talk about at The Corner Store.

The place was packed, which is always a good thing. A line almost out the door, annoying little dogs yapping in cars, and people sitting every which place, burritos in face. From the outside the Corner Store looks like, well, a corner store. Very unassuming. A couple of benches. The emblematic cluster of pumpkins. But go inside and you have a full-on clusterfuck of burrito chaos. Step 1: White or wheat wrap? Wheat. Obvs. Step 2: Oui ou non on the cheese. Oui. Then you get to choose from pinto, black beans, or refried beans. Went with the sensual refried heh. Then a selection of meats or fresh veggies that change daily, rice, and extra toppings which really popped my cherry. Pickled onions?? Yes. Asian slaw?? Fuck yeah. Cover it in hot sauce?? Jesus please do. All around 7 bucks.

Here’s mum.

And if burritos aren’t your thing, they also have a pretty dank-looking selection of paninis. The Grilled Eggplant: feta, hummus, spinach, marinated tomatoes, & kalamata olives on 7-Grain. Cool. They also have a nice coffee spread, pastries, and soup. I’m sold. I’m a vegetarian on Cape Cod and I’ll go to The Corner Store. Tell me about your favorite places so I can go check them out!

Thumbs up.




2 responses

25 11 2010

If you’re in Cambridge ever, my old roommate Sarah Bradley bakes at the vegan Pulse Cafe 😉

30 11 2010

Cool beans. Thanks. I’ll have to check that out. I make it up to the Cambridge area every once in a while.

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