A Vegetarian on Cape Cod! Part 2!: Cafe Chew

30 11 2010

There is nothing more disorienting than trying to balance out war & death with food and restaurant reviews. I’m about to start this post when my dad comes up to me with old photo albums, my nose already beginning to run with all of the dust clouds rising off of these things. It’s the anniversary of his brothers death. Here are his photos, your mother and I when we first got married. Climbing the same mountain I took you and your brother too last month. My young mother looking just like me. Baby photos. My dating parents at parties.  My grandparents that I never met. Photos from Korea. Snapshots of bones and sinking ships. I’m letting it all sink in, as I sit in front of my computer monitor, about to write about fucking sandwiches. I really like sandwiches though. And I’m sure my grandpa did too. So let’s talk about Cafe Chew.

This is one of my favorite cafes to frequent on the Cape. Mainly for the fact that they’re always playing sprizty little French songs over the intercoms, inside and out. But besides that, everything else about it is perfect too. Located in Merchant’s Square, the atmosphere is really fun, there’s the coolest decorations hanging everywhere, bizarre paintings, and the employees are all laid-back and friendly.

 There’s an eye-catching pastry window that gets me every time. A great selection of coffees, espressos, and teas. And their lunch menu is full of classic, simple items that all seem really yummy and homey. Click on the image of their daily Specials menu for an example. Their breakfast menu looks out of this world too. I’ve yet to try.

While Cafe Chew may not be serving vegan BLTs or blackened tofu dishes, they do still offer some tasty choices for vegetarians/vegans. There are several jazzed-up salad options, or try The Forager: Goat cheese and roasted portabella mushrooms with fire-roasted red pepper puree, tomato, baby spinach and balsamic vinaigrette on a caramelized onion-focaccia roll. What I went for that day was one of my favorites, The Oatsy-Groatsy:  Fresh spinach, cucumber, sliced tomato, roasted red pepper puree, caramelized onion, feta cheese and hummus on multi-grain bread. It’s so simple and raw that it feels decadent for some reason. But I still decided to round off the meal with a pear muffin with cinnamon cream-cheese. It was stuffed with giant chunks of warm pear.

Amazing. So check out Chew. And someone let me know where I can get some of their music. I want it playing 24-7 in my kitchen.

Cafe Chew
4 Merchant’s Rd
Sandwich, MA




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