My name’s Kristie. I’m a cook, writer and musician from Cape Cod, MA. Backed by a Bachelors in English & Film Studies, I am currently managing a pizza parlor, working towards owning my own business. I love punk rock, DIY projects, traveling and your boyfriend.

Check out these other projects that I do with my friend Ashleigh:
Cheri Love Affair: A girl-fronted GG Allin cover band
Two Girls, One Beer: Craft beer/brewpub reviews as well as coverage of local beer events

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 7 years and enjoy making (attempting t0 make) most anything from scratch, including beer(!) which is something that I’ve just picked up recently. Devoted to the craft beer movement.

I love heaping, gloppy portions of greasy vegan comfort food. I love locally grown and simple ingredients. I believe that the kitchen is egalitarian and anyone can bring something to the table…literally, regardless of skill. Food is life. Food is for everyone. A right, not a privilege. It’s the most natural, life-giving thing and gives me a lot of inspiration for this life I lead. Changes in the world can be brought via food.

So here it is. My exploits in the world of food & drank. From baking to pickling, exploring food in new places, all the while drinking down cold ones. My first attempt at a blog. I hope you like it. I appreciate your comments, feedback and free stuff. Let me know what you like!

Contact me if you feel inclined at kristiekatk@gmail.com

Eat up, bitches.

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