Clown Shoes Clementine

Clown Shoes Beer
Ipswich, MA
Brewed at Ipswich Ale Brewery

Grade: B
ABV: 6%
Style: Witbier (Belgian White)
Serve in: Tumbler, weizen

Clown Shoes Clementine  paints a very Pilsner-esque image; light gold with a brief white head, full of lively bubbles. Orange zest, yeast, and coriander are all very pronounced in the aroma, followed by a peppery spice hovering below all of the light fruits.

You can definitely still appreciate the juicy orange/coriander/banana tastes in this beer, but there’s a strong bready malt presence as well that sort of takes away some of the sweetness found in the aroma.  A semi-dry, crisp finish leaves you with a pleasant sour citrus taste.

There are a lot of unexpected qualities to this beer, stuff I wouldn’t necessarily think of when I imagine a Belgian White; i.e. the hop profile, very herbal and bitter, maybe a  bit too much for the style? But it works. What we’re given is a real thirst-quenching beer. I would love to drink this on tap during the summer. In my fictitious Cape Cod bar that serves things like this. And there’s also a jukebox with “Human Fly” playing. And a reading corner.. BUT ALAS. Summer has ended and my dream bar don’t exist.


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