Mayflower Spring Hop Ale

Plymouth, MA

Grade: A-
ABV: 5.2%
Style: IPA
Serve in: Pint glass, tulip


Soo springy! I should be out on the sunshiney porch, drinking this like lemonade, but instead I’m in here writing about it. Going to bring the laptop outside and see if that helps.
Ok, better. When I first sipped/sapped on this red IPA, I was taken away by the aroma. Floral, hoppy, citrus-y, it was on point for the name Spring Hop. For some reason though, the first taste was bland for me. But after sticking it out through a few more sips, my opinion changed. It’s as fresh and grassy as a damn woodland sprite. Tasty hop oils, grapefruit and a lively carbonation made me happy to start spring off the right way with this brew.


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