Offshore Amber Ale

Offshore Ale Company
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Grade: C+
ABV: 5.3%
Style: Amber Ale

Martha’s Vineyard is a magical isle swarming with thumbs-up powered stallions. Here I am riding one last summer. Whilst there, I also ate at Offshore Ale Company. I would love to give the Offshore Amber Ale an A++++ because their restaurant served me pesto-rubbed grilled Brie, oysters, and soft pretzels with beer mustard.

so much fun

It has a clear amber color with a bubbly head; a fruity and sweet aroma. A complete and well-rounded maltiness carries on throughout the whole beer. There is a slight hop bitterness with some toasted grains as well. Very bright tasting.

The body is light/medium and very crisp, with a hoppy swallow that quickly falls away.

Though there is a slight astringent note to the malt, I think this would be a good session beer if you’re drinking just to drink. Or washing down a grilled wheel of cheese. Or riding a fake horse. There’s no frills. It’s just an OK amber/summer ale mix. My grade is a C+ on this one, but don’t let that steer you away from any of their other offerings.

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