Samuel Adams New World Tripel

Boston Beer Company
Boston, MA

Grade: B+
ABV: 10%
Style: Tripel
Serve in: Trappist, tulip

I get all caught up in drinking local beers from whatever place I’m visiting, but for some reason, I never get around to drinking beers from my own city, Boston. It wasn’t until my friend and I were in California earlier this year, did I realize I couldn’t get a Sam Adams on tap. My heart began to swell at the thought of a crisp Sam Adams Lager, as I experienced the whole you-don’t-know-what-you-got-til-it’s gone sort of thing.

Well, not really. But I did come home from that trip looking to drink this New World Tripel that I picked up at the Sam Adams Brewery. Definitely a recommended activity if you visit Boston, and don’t forget to hop on the free party trolley to Doyle’s afterwards!

New World Tripel pours a deep and hazy orange. A thick 2-finger head shows off some lasting foaming action, leaving behind an ample amount of lacing.

This is one of the fruitiest tripels I’ve ever dealt with. Tons of tropical fruit hits you in the aroma, along with sweet malts, Belgian yeasts, and whiffs of alcohol.

Beginning with a nice tartness, the flavor falls back into that same sweetness picked up in the aroma; candied sugars, pineapple, cloves, pepper, and a light vanilla. There is a noticeable alcohol presence and a slight oak character in the finish.

It has a light-medium body; very smooth and with a lingering dryness, also, an enjoyable and long-lived aftertaste. This is definitely a beer to sip on since there is so much flavor happening. New World Tripel is part of Samuel Adam’s Barrel Room Collection; a series of beers made with Sam Adam’s specially-made wild yeast and aged in oak brandy barrels. I don’t get much of this oak-barrel flavor and it makes me wonder if the aging process really accomplished much. Either way, still a crisp and flavorful beer


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