Rock Art Brewery Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout

Rock Art Brewery
Morrisville, VT

Grade: B+
Style: Imperial Stout
Serve in: Snifter


This beer is completely unexpected, totally unbalanced, yet I can’t help but like it. It pours very dark with a quickly disappearing head. I really dig the aroma. Very light and subtle, little bit of pine. The taste is roasted malt and hoppy goodness. Very smooth and with a lingering finish, which is where you finally get a little taste of pumpkin. At the veeerrryy end.

I guess it is sort of EXTREME…like the bottle says. At first, it’s a solid earthy stout, then brings in the bitterness, and finishes off with some pumpkin spice. All over the place. Not pulled together too well. But it’s delicious.


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