Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale

Mayflower Brewing Company
Plymouth, MA

Grade: B-
8 % ABV
Style: American Strong Ale
Serve in: Pint glass, snifter


Maybe it’s because Mayflower is one of the only bottle beers that we sell at work, and everyone always skips over them in favor of Cape Cod Beer on tap. So I’m always just staring at dusty, lonely, Mayflower beer. Poor lil’ Mayflower beers. I will give you a home in my belly. But anyways, I picked up their Thanksgiving Ale last week. I think it might have been a little too pricey, if I’m not mistaken.

Pours a deep amber, with hints of mahoganey. Active little bubbles. A really pleasant aroma; sweet malts and rye. When you taste it, you definitely get hit with the rye first, followed by fruity notes and some wood. Something kind of spicy is going on too. The flavors are slightly fighting each other and there’s bursts of alcohol at points. Medium body, medium carbonation. It’s got a nice kick, but I’m wishing that it felt a bit thicker for the type of beer it’s going for. Oh Mayflower. Ahoy.


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