A Vegetarian on Cape Cod! Part 3!: Cape Cod Bagel

Cape Cod Bagel Company
419 Palmer Ave.
Falmouth, MA

I’m really glad that Falmouth has a place like this. A laid-back place to grab a cup of coffee, nutritious snack, bowl of soup, or indulge like I have many a time, in a hangover bagel binge. A place where I don’t feel overwhelmed with the complicated coffee selections or have to worry about freshness of deli staples. It’s simple, local and delicious. With such vegetarian & vegan selections as veggie burgers, veggie bagel melts, Middle Eastern wraps, a varied selection of salads, as well as yogurt & granola, I find that I’m able to come here and have something different every time.

Some of my favorites include the South of the Border breakfast sandwich; Jalapeno cream cheese (nom..), egg, tomato and Pepper Jack cheese on a toasted bagel of your choice. Another good one was their Spicy Thai Tofu  Wrap (pictured below): tofu marinated in a spicy peanut sauce with lettuce, tomato and sprouts. This also came with a choice of coleslaw, potato salad or chips. I went for the coleslaw, not something I normally do, but this coleslaw was totally awesome. A sharp creaminess with a delightful crunch.


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